Yoga practice began for me 19 years ago, in a little community hall in the Slocan Valley, British Columbia. Our teacher was a student of Pattabhi Jois. I ground my way through the Primary series. The teacher called me “rebar girl” because I didn’t bend, which made me try even harder. It was painful and fun and made me feel great all at the same time. The years went by and it morphed into something with a little more grace.

I am certified at the e-RYT 500 level with training in the three above systems. Combining them gives a fully embodied, conscious and compassionate approach.

Perhaps the most profound teachers have been my students- who ask me questions to which i don’t know the answers! Studying the mystics from various traditions mixed into the cauldron of my life experience have simmered and cooked me into the teacher that I am today.

I have led trainings in Asia, Mexico, and South America, and work with Michele Lawrence, director of Inner Peace Yoga Therapy Teacher Training, co-facilitating these trainings around the United States. Sharing the deepening process with other teachers from around the world is profoundly inspiring, but my favorite is to teach in my community at home in Winlaw. Look for teacher training immersion starting in 2019 right here at Bindu.

My days at home are on a sweet little farm near a slow moving river, with horses and dogs, and a garden the size of Texas. I run a Certified Organic bedding plant nursery, Bee Greens Plants.

Hari Om Tat Sat
Om Shanti



I have always been astounded by the human body and all it’s capabilities. Through the venues of dance and sport I took much opportunity to discover and learn as much as I could, so it was inevitable that when I took my first trip to Asia and was exposed to yoga, that I truly fell in love with it. Yoga is something I truly believe heals you inside and out. An undeniable journey of self discovery through breath, movement and mindfulness. Being able to offer that gift to my community is a dream come true.

I have been teaching for 3 years now as a 200hr RYT, and my passion for teaching and connecting with people keeps on growing. I have recently moved from Prince George where I instructed at studios, community centers, schools, private lessons, and even outdoors in a huge park to over 200 people. And it is my absolute pleasure to now be in the Slocan Valley sharing what I love here.



Sequoia has studied and practiced two different forms of breathing practices. One which is offered in these breath work sessions is called Conscious Connected Breath and for more than two decades both teaching and practicing the yogic breathing of pranayama. She has lived and studied traditional for over 20 years in India. She is also going to be offering a 7 week online course this summer called Yogic Breathing and the vital keys to health and wellness.



Jennifyre is a multi-disciplinary artist with an extensive background in dance, art, performance & dance therapy. She is professionally trained teacher in many technical & world traditions of dance which she holistically weaves into a nurturing & empowering dance experience.

With 37 years of dance studies & experience, Jennifyre has a unique approach to dance, movement & the teaching of both. Jennifyre’s passion for teaching shines through in creative, fun & integrative approach.

Invoking a sense of timelessness with the qualities of strength, passion, beauty, grace & joy, Jennifyre’s Dance programs meld a variety of cultural & eclectic traditions of dance. Merging this with the freshness & curiosity of authentic & contemporary exploration, movement & bodymind centering, she mentors dancers of all ages into a unique & empowering dance synthesis! 

Over the past 20 years Jennifyre has naturally developed into the fusion movement of dance exploration. Created locally in the Kooteny’s, she has developed a holistic dance curriculum combining different styles of dance & movement that immerses dancers into a global culture of movement, expression & community. She has a passion for dance which also inspires her to  travel locally & regionally to share her diverse knowledge with many dancers of all ages & levels.



Yin Yoga with Singing Bowls



A lifetime lover of movement, Gemma Luna has training in ballet, modern dance, contact improv and tai chi. In the last 10 years all of her movement study has merged into a love affair with belly dance and she is mesmerizingly graceful dancer and gifted movement facilitator.

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Alignment based Yoga

500hr RYT


Dance and Yoga


I have been learning and practicing methods for Yoga
since my first travels in India and Thailand in the early ’90’s.
At Bindu I offer classes & workshops inspired by Moshe Feldenkrais,
a modern pioneer in brain science & somatic therapy.
I love to share Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lessons
as creative & effective exercises for embodying the unlimited potential
of your brain & nervous system, through movement,
to release tension and heal yourself from stress, injuries & accidents.

My weekly Feldenkrais classes & occasional workshops invite you
to enjoy ease & well being in learning new ways of moving.
Experience natural posture, breathing & potency in action
with functional integration into daily life.
and re-membering self regulation of your nervous system.

Learning self regulation of my nervous system with Awareness Through Movement
and other somatic therapies is helping me remember being
in wholeness & unity (Yoga) by embodying myself in life with all my relations.

I am here to offer you this way through beginner friendly classes
for all ages and orientations. Regular participation in my classes
will inspire you to awaken the power of conscious movement.
Come explore Awareness Through Movement at Bindu with me!
* First class is free if you message me: *

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~ May All Beings Be Well ~