Belly Dance with Gemma Luna April 9th-June 3rd

If you’ve been thinking and thinking and thiiiinking about belly dancing, just DO IT. You will be so happy that you did this for yourself! Your body will thank you. Your endorphins will glow. You’ll gain freedom of movement that you didn’t know was possible. You’ll get defined abs and a strong tush… You might even get taller because your posture will improve.

$104 for 8 classes to register

Yoga Playtime for Ages 3 – 6

Yoga Playtime is about exploring stories with our bodies! Go on an adventure through the jungle, fly with the butterflies, plant a seed and grow into a tree, go on a Warrior’s journey, climb a Mountain, or become a lion!
Each 45 minute class will have the option of exploring Yoga poses, simple breathing exercises, yoga colouring pages, listening to music and singing songs, telling stories, playing games, and opportunities to share and teach each other new things. The activities will be dependent on the needs of the students, collectively and individually, each day.
The focus will be on sharing, learning, working as a team, supporting each other, and of course, having FUN!

New Yoga classes with Colleen

Colleen began practicing yoga over a decade ago and within the practice found a path of lifelong learning and growth. She is also an outdoor educator who has taught wilderness skills and rock climbing for the last 11 years. She is particularly interested in bringing the practice of yoga to as many people as possible and bringing yoga off the mat, finding the meditative aspects in and connection to all areas of life. She is a 300-hour trained teacher through Shanti Yoga in Nelson, where she also teaches weekly classes. Her classes always include focused pranayama and intentional sequencing with attention to anatomy and alignment for a safe, balanced practice. She is excited to begin teaching in the community!

Vinyasa Flow: Wed 9:30 – 11:00am Enjoy connecting movement and breath to unite body, mind, and spirit in this invigorating practice. We’ll flow through sun salutations and standing sequences designed to create space and balance throughout the body, with a focus on proper alignment and honoring one’s own body. We’ll also take time to unwind with seated and supine work towards the end of class. Suitable for all levels, as stages and modifications will be offered.

Mellow Flow: Sat 9:30 – 11:00am A toned down, slowed down version of vinyasa flow, with similar elements but fewer poses and sequences in each class. Expect to flow with focus, expanding and deepening your practice with sequencing designed for an optimum sense of openness and grounding. A wonderful way to stretch out and rebalance after a long week. Suitable for all levels.


Capoeira for Kids with Liam Fitzpatrick

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art form that combines dance, acrobatics and music to create an exciting and non competitive experience !
Children learn the fundamental moves, songs and instruments to begin to “play” Capoeira.
The focus of Capoeira is not to beat your opponent but to create a fluid physical conversation with the other using rhythm, balance and strength!

Fridays 3:30 – 5:00

May 6th – June 10th

Belly Dance Workshop with Gemma Luna (April2)

How many ways are there to shimmy?

We’ll play with the 3/4, the choo choo, the shoulder, the twist, the 4/4, the tension
and the egyptian knee shimmy, with variations
and layers to make it exciting!

This workshop will fire up your shakti and make
you laugh, sweat and enjoy yourself!

12:00 – 2:00 April 2nd


Full Body Blast Workout with Crystal

Burn calories and fire up your metabolism in this fun and challenging class which combines using your own body weight and cardio to shape your entire body. Aerobic, floor work and resistance exercises make up this full body toning class.

Thursdays March 15-April 3rd. 5:30-6:30 65$/8 sessions or 10$ drop in.

Email Crystal @ for more information.