Bindu Fundraiser and Herbal Medicine Workshop (March 26)

How to Use Local Herbs to Heal Yourself and the Earth
– Spiritual Herbalism for Practical People –
a class for folks who want real, nourishing alternatives to pharmaceuticals AND who have a sense of the healing power of Nature Connection (but want to go deeper)
From this 3 hour class, you’ll learn…

5 Simple steps to build your confidence and trust in using herbs for healing
How to experience this deep learning with plants (hint: it involves empathy)
4 tips on putting herbal theory into practice successfully
The key ingredient to herbalism that many people – even professional herbalists, herb schools, naturopaths, nutritionists – never see
4 reasons why healing with herbs can and will change the world for the better
Why the Kootenay School of Herbal Medicine is great at helping you easily integrate herbal healing

PLUS, after the class, you’ll get to see the Plant World in a whole new light.
Join me, Garliq, of the Kootenay School of Herbal Medicine in collaboration with Bindu Studio for this 3 hour herb class and fundraiser.

Get tickets at Gaia Tree in Winlaw or

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